Dear colleague:

The purpose of this site is to collect hard quantitative data that can be used by our faculty to better understand the state of our university so we collectively make thoughtful and fact-based decisions about its future. As time permits, I will include graphical representation of key data.

If you are aware of additional public or CalNet ID-protected data that is of interest, please e-mail me ( so I may include it.

Panos P.


UC audited annual financial reports (source: UCOP webpage)


UC budget planning information (source: UCOP webpage)


UC campus financial schedules (source: UCOP webpage)


UC student fees (source: UCOP webpage)


UC FTE enrollments by campus (source: UCOP webpage)


Academic and Staff Personnel Headcount by campus (source: UCOP webpage)


Endowment totals at various universities (source: NACUBO Endowment Study)


Average Annual Faculty Salaries at UCB and Competitors (source: Chronicle of Higher Education)


2008-09 Tuition, Enrollment, and Acceptance Rate at UCB and Competitors (source: US News & World Report)


State Budget Data (source: CA Department of Finance)


CA Funding of Higher Education (source: CA Legislative Analyst's Office)


UCB Budget (source: Cal Profiles)

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Indirect Costs at UCB(source: Office of the VC Research)

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